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Our Values

Out of Office operates with the environment in mind. Our values make our hospitality business provide experiences and services that are relevant and memorable. However we remain conscious that we are part of a greater picture, and choose suppliers and products that empower and support that.

Plastic-less Options with Global and Social Reach

Using boxed water in every home. All profits go towards life changing water projects in the world’s poorest countries.



Recycling guides are available in every home as well as all the materials needed, such as compostable bags. Collection timetables are given to make recycling effortless, and a routine guests can take home with them, if they don’t already.

Animal Welfare

Luxury toiletries are chosen that are PETA certified and not tested on animals.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

All products and food offered are either locally sourced and organic or of the highest quality ingredients. Our cleaning products are free from harmful toxins and chemicals.

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